Published on May 27th, 2017 | by Jonas A.

3 Reasons Why Business Cards Are Still A Powerful Marketing Tool

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1) It’s Up close And Personal:

Nowadays digital marketing is done remotely and networking is essentially about making close-up connections with your Marketplace. Sure, using digital method of exchanging prospects details is simple , but it’s especially detached. By handing someone your business card you are granted the possibility to get a potential customer – and that’s when genuine contacts are made.

2) A Remarkably Powerful Marketing Tool:

Although digital marketing tools work in drawing the interest of and acquiring prospects, these methods remain less persuasive marketing techniques such as specific discussions, handshakes and handing someone a business card. Having a handful of cards handy  will make sure you never lose out on networking with new leads and possibly worthwhile business connections, wherever you decide to go, whether it is at business conventions, trade shows, at the airport or even the local supermarket.

3) Increase your brand individuality:

 Giving someone your business information scribbled on a piece of paper won’t do the trick. However,  a well designed business card can have a much greater impact than a regular text or email.  In order to make a noteworthy impression you need to have something noteworthy to hand over. A striking and attention taking business card can be a great conversation starter.

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