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Published on July 1st, 2017 | by Jonas A.

7 Ways On How To Live A Joyful Life

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1. Smile

An innocent lively smile, coming deep from your heart, not only makes you feel happy about yourself but also keeps your face wrinkle free. Smile is, in fact, the most powerful human emotion that also makes other people smile.

2. Eat Less, Walk More

Walking is an activity that you must include in your daily routine life. At this age, it is more important to keep yourself physically fit and in shape. Eat a lot of fresh fruit, vegetables and nuts.

3. Keep on Working

If your health permits then keep on working. Keeping your age in view, do some light work and for shorter hours.

4. Share the Knowledge

Share what you have with the people who don’t have. Sharing the knowledge, keep on reading books and improving your knowledge.

5. Don’t Talk Health Problems

Don’t talk about your ailments with everyone as this is never helpful rather embarrassing for some people. If you have some health problem then talk to your doctor who is in the best position to give you good medical advice.

6. Share the Money

You can not take your money to the grave so think of sharing it with others. Then use it for feeding the hungry and helping the poor people or give some money to the organizations that you think are doing good humanitarian work, if you have money.

7. Live for Some Noble Cause

It is my personal experience that those people who live for some noble cause, live a long, disease-free and joyful life because God loves them. These are the people who not only live longer but also live forever in the hearts and minds of other people. You too can become a hero of some people.

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