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Food Items That Will Boost Your Memory

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Red apples contain a memory boosting phytochemical called anthocyanin. The three types of grapes namely red, black and purple contain anthocyanin and quercetin which help in improving memory. In general red foods contain anthocyanin and help in memory.

It might be a surprise to you but chocolate actually helps in improving your memory because of the presence of polyphenols. They increase blood flow to the brain and trigger growth of blood vessels and brain cells.

It was long known that rosemary improves memory modern science only recently found that it is rich in antoxidants, carnosic acid which is the reason for the improvement in memory. The interesting thing about rosemary is that even the smell of it can improve memory. The are a few other herbs which help in memory namely gotu, ginseng and ginko kola.

You probably are not comfortable with that logic but that is how it is.It should be of no surprise to you that food affects the memory. The question is only what kind of food improves memory.

Lean Red meat: Lean red meat contains vitamin, iron and zinc B12. They help in the repair of cell damage in brain and thereby improving memory. A few other sources of protein such as egg and fats help in improving memory.

Caffeine has shown positive results in improving memory in women and neutral results in men. Beware of the fact that unfiltered coffee(for example espresso) can raise cholesterol levels and it is a good idea to stick to filtered coffee.

Eating the right type of food for memory can be very helpful. It is unquestionable that a great memory helps in your success a long way.

There is a much superior way to drastically improve memory without any change in your diet or health. You should find a healthy diet and stick to it but do not focus that on just improving memory. There are better ways to improve memory like the ones mentioned below.

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