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Published on July 16th, 2017 | by Jonas A.

How to Live a Goal Oriented Life

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I have heard people say they can’t change their behaviors and that its already a part of them, and this just makes me smile, because what you are showing me is how serious you really don’t want a change in your life, because for any man to succeed at a goal, that man has to be something he has not been, or perhaps improve in some quality of his life. Its just a shame, that people walk about with such attitudes that needs amendments and they do nothing about it but yet want their conditions or lives to change. Its a shame that people rely on a 12 months salary to live life.

The truth is, you will discover for yourself the tremendous impact you have made with just that minimum amount of time that you spend, and that you can become better at it if you are willing to spend more time at it. This is the secret that most people don’t know, that the way to succeed in life is to pick a craft of your choice and become so good at it that it can enable you to be of service to your fellow man and earn the sincerest rewards of your labor. They spend their time and talk all the time away.

This is the primary cause of most failures in life, if you are reading this because you wonder how you can change your life, well, let me come out plain, don’t do and sit nothing with your time and then expect a miracle. Don’t be like this please, think of the life that you would love to live, be true to your self, design a life that you would want to have for your self and loved ones, even happy wheels demo if you have nothing or you don’t know where to begin, don’t worry do the first thing first, KNOW WHAT YOU WANT!. You see, what makes people discouraged in life is that they think that the economy is bad, or they don’t have adequate skills to make money, or they have too many responsibility and so on and so on, and then they are discouraged.

I feel very sad sitting on the side line of life, seeing the vast majority of people who just go through life without having a course or reason of being alive except having a place to stay and food to it, without realizing the great powers that lies the mind of every man. And this often happens as a result of lack of personal training, or ignorance, as well as people who don’t take a look at their lives with the intention of identifying the areas that needs to be worked on and improved.

You know, it baffles me that people do not understand the place and importance of time in our lives. Most people see time as rather too common, or they hope in the future for a blessed event to occur, they wait for someone or something to come and favor them. They really do not understand the purpose and role of time in our lives and often times when this event doesn’t occur or something, you see them, they become so depressed, and disappointed, and often they begin to think that they have failed you know, that life has failed to give them what they want.

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