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Published on July 19th, 2017 | by Jonas A.

Tips For Anger Managment

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Anger is a normal emotion and can be helpful in some situations, such as those related to survival and self-protection. When you feel angry, we have also seen that resorting to aggression is often a strong temptation. Aggression might be appropriate to ensure your safety but in most situations is not necessary and just inflames the situation.

Steven Laurent presents a series of tips on reducing anger and therefore limiting the possibility of reacting to anger with unneeded aggression. I will list a few of his suggestions and my comments about them:

You might have a feeling that your anger is a problem, or you might hear it from others who are affected by your anger. Laurent suggests keeping a log of upsetting events, the anger they cause and how you react. It is easier to see patterns when you write them down in an anger journal.

One of the main contributors to anger at others is faulty assumptions you make about them. You might assume that have hostile intentions toward you, are aware of what your desires and needs know or are what is likely to arouse your anger.
The better you are able to use suggestions such as these, the less likely you are to let your anger get the best of you. In addition, your chances of moving toward aggressive behavior are also lessened.

Feel the anger and don’t do it anyway. Writing down what you think in your anger journal would also help keep you aware of the process of your thinking.

You most likely have a good idea of how you would like to react in any given situation, at least one you have faced before. If someone asked you why you reacted a certain way, you could probably tell them why. You would find it easier to be less judgmental if you took the time to understand why others feel and act the way they do.

When you set yourself up as the judge of how people should react, you are more prone to react with anger and see it as your job to correct or even punish them. Along with that goes the suggestion to be less judgmental of others.

Several things can make it more difficult for you to manage your anger constructively. When you feel run down physically, you will have less ability to think clearly about how to react.

Understand that anger is a problem. We have seen that anger is a normal human emotion. If you continue to brood about what angers you, it can affect your body systems as we have seen and create lack of emotional equilibrium in your life.

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